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Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Coupe - UNLIMITED MILES

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Seconds 0-60mph


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  • 2 Seats

This version of the Vanquish has carbon-fibre body panels in either white or black.

Guy Martin drives Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition

The engine is a 5935cc V12 that Aston reckons is making 569bhp and 464 lb ft of torque, but the dash said it did 28-29mpg on my run west along the M62. My V12 Vantage wouldn’t have done 20mpg. They’re very similar 6-litre V12s, but five years’ development has made a big difference to the miles per gallon.

The fuel economy is so good because of the knock sensors Aston has fitted. Like a lot of modern units, the engine can run very lean without fear of damage because if the sensors detect knock, or pre-ignition, the unit adjusts the fuel injection and/or the ignition map to enrich the mixture or delay the spark — or both. Knock is fuel igniting in the chamber before the spark ignites it. Then the spark ignites, so you get in effect a double explosion, and it overheats the combustion chamber and melts stuff. The knock sensors let the engine run lean, and the Vanquish uses the minimum amount of fuel for the maximum output.

Guy Martin drives Aston Martin Vanquish Edition

There’s a button on the steering wheel to stiffen the suspension and another to select Sport mode, which lets the engine rev higher before it changes gear and alters the throttle response. There’s no need to use the gearchange paddles.

Guy Martin drives Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition

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